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Dear Art Lovers,


When on Thursday, the 12th of March this year, under great tension but luckily, we have opened the exhibition LAZAR VOZAREVIĆ, from the Gallery "Lazar Vozarević", Sremska Mitrovica, in the presence of the "exactly prescribed" number of visitors, we could not have suspected that on Monday, the 16th of March, when the opening of the exhibition the DECEMBER GROUP from the collection of the ZEPTER MUSEUM was scheduled in Sremska Mitrovica, everything would be closed and a state of emergency would be declared soon. Aside from being locked in houses and apartments, we were slowly becoming aware that many planned events and programs had to be postponed and moved to some happier times that seem unlikely to come soon.

The central event was supposed to be on the 1st of July this year, which was to mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of the ZEPTER MUSEUM. Then we were supposed to open the exhibition and promote the monograph of SLAVOLJUB CAJA RADOJČIĆ, the third winner of the award STOJAN ĆELIĆ, artist, theorist and critic, academic; to announce the name of the fourth winner of this award; to show what the ZEPTER MUSEUM has done in those ten years; which exhibitions and events took place in it; which and how many new works have enriched its collection; how many and what kind of audience was present; what an effect, and not a small one, it had in the world; to talk about cooperation with other cultural institutions and museums in the country and the world, etc.

When we reopened the MUSEUM on the 28th of April after two months, with all the precautions and measures recommended by the "responsible profession", we gave a chance to all those which until then had not been able to see a truly unique exhibition of paintings and drawings by Lazar Vozarević or those which have returned several times to enjoy the exhibition.

Continue to enjoy the long warm days in Belgrade and visit again the exhibition that is not often seen. Come and visit other spaces of the MUSEUM with a partially changed permanent exhibition.

We will carry out the programs when it will be safe for everyone.


                                                                                                                      Warm and friendly greetings

                                                                                                                                ZEPTER MUSEUM

Belgrade, 30 Jun 2020