Doctoral exhibition of Milorad Mića Stajčić SKALENOS DELICATESSE

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MILORAD MIĆA STAJČIĆ was born in 1977 in Belgrade, where he still lives and works. He gained his Diploma from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, division of Information Systems and also from the Faculty of Fine Arts, division of Sculpting, class of Prof. Mrđan Bajić. He is presently attending doctoral studies at the Art Faculty. He is the cofounder and co-owner of Gallery X Vitamin in Belgrade. He finds his artistic expression not only in sculpture but also in various installations, videos, performances, photography. The subject matter of his works are various social values, taboo topics, consumer society, religion, money.

Feng Shui - Pound, 2021 Cross - Bait, 2021
Jugoslovenke - Brena, 2021 Metamorfbroza, 2021